Trusting Your Designer

As a brand designer I’m often preaching about how important your brand identity is, how it represents the core of your business and it is worth investing in. It’s my passion; it’s what I believe in! So I think it’s only fair that, as a designer, I step back and consider the clients point of view. You are putting a lot of faith in us designers handing over something as important as your business’s brand. However, the greatest design work will come from a trusting client/designer relationship. So today I’m getting real and putting myself in the clients shoes, I hope this post might help put your mind at ease about working with a designer on your brand.



Here are some reasons you should trust your designer:

1. First off, if you have chosen to hire a certain designer chances are you chose them because you like their work. Be clear with them why you chose them in the first place, was there a particular project in their portfolio you like? Let them know and trust that the final outcome of your project will be to the same standard of the work you have seen in their portfolio.

2. Designers are proud of our work and want to keep it that way! Most designers are perfectionists, we are obsessed with tiny details, the sort of details you might not initially notice but are so important in our eyes. The thought of showing a client designs we don’t think are to our high standard is soul crushing - it’s just not happening! Us designers are proud of our work and want nothing more than to give you a final design we are proud of and that you will love!

3. We are problem solvers. When you think of a designer’s job it’s not just making something look good. We carefully analyse what you are asking for, what your business is, who is your ideal customer and try come to a solution that will appeal to your customers, get you attention and succeed in business. Every detail of your brand identity is considered very thoughtfully to give the greatest solution.

4. We visualise the final goal. Keep in mind that we are always visualising the bigger picture of how the finished product will look when all elements are brought together. The start of a design project can be daunting to a client when you’re shown initial concepts or little details bit by bit. You may feel uncertain how everything will work together in the end. Don’t fear, we have worked hard on our process and are always thinking ahead of how everything will come together.


Trust is essential, remember we are professionals and want you to enjoy the process of working with us on your brand. We want it to be an enjoyable and exciting journey for you. Remember to always ask questions if you are confused or unsure about any part of the design process. I believe communication is key in helping with the design process. Give your honest and detailed opinion on concepts, it’s so important for us to achieve a final design you 100% love!