Improve Business with Streamlined Processes

As I’m relatively new to owning and running my own business I’m constantly learning ways to improve my business. There was one area I worked on that instantly made my business run smoother and saved me precious time every day. That one very important thing was implementing streamlined processes across my daily tasks.

In business, following processes is not much different from following a recipe when cooking. Processes establish who is responsible for each step, the amount of time allocated to each task and how work is organized. Having streamlined processes keeps your business consistent. Customers will be getting the same great experience each and every time they work with you making your business reliable and trusted.


I challenge you to review your daily tasks and think about how you can improve your processes to work more efficiantly. Establishing processes across you daily tasks can be tedious but I promise you it will be well worth it! Try to complete these steps to start implementing processes in your business…

Write down every single step from start to finish with every single task that needs to happen in a job from start to finish - don’t leave out details! For each step estimate how much time is needed.

Think about how you can improve on the tasks you have listed. Are there tasks you can combine? Are there tasks you might be overcomplicating and could simplify? Are there any tools such as templates or automated systems that could make any of these tasks more efficient?

If you think you could benefit from an online project management system you could try out Asana, Dubsado or Trello. Maybe there common emails you write you could have scripts ready for so when it comes to sending them you just need to switch out a few words. Do you need to improve how your organise your files as you go?

Is there something you could add to your process that will help you stand out and connect with your customers? It could be a thank you note or email.

Streamlining your processes is all about simplifying your business. A simple business is consistent and efficient! Keep in mind as your business grows it changes so it is worth revisiting and reviewing your processes ever so often. If you work in a team, make it a priority to ask your employees/colleagues how your processes are working and how they might like to change certain elements.